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Our technical team is always willing to offer that piece of everything from MOBILE, ADSL, FIBRE to WI-FI. We iffer quality internet installations for home and businesses...We even offer the portable internet connections feel free to request more info via Whatsapp on 076 469 1120

we have you covered all the way nation wide.

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Internet connection has become a major priority from the whole world, not to mention businesses. We are an authorised internet installers nation wide... We offer internet services from 4G LTE-Advanced, ADSL line, Fibre and all these comes with wi-fi devices enabled. No more wi-fi from your neighbour or public non secured wi-fi hotspot it's time you get yours now and turn your zone into a hotspot! We offer quality and affordable plans or packages, Feel free to contact us and get that ease of uninterrupted connection and surf the net like a pro...e-mail us :

LTE-A is a mobile broadband technology that uses radio spectrum to provide wireless Internet access. It is the latest wireless broadband technology and is seen as a step up from 3G and LTE due to the superior connectivity speeds, improved stability and coverage.
Wi-Fi or WiFi is technology for radio wireless local area networking of devices
From Standard to Nano, our three in one breakable SIM card fits in to any device, With an unbelievable pricing of only R69.99 per GIG with a national coverage you can be sure of one simple uninterrupted internet connection.
ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line works with copper cable and offers high-speed connectivity, as opposed to older technologies, such as dial up internet that worked through a landline with a modem.FIBRE, or FIBRE OPTICS, literally harnesses the speed of light by transferring data through means of glass cabling. This makes it the fastest and most reliable form of internet connectivity currently available

1GB for LTE-A Simcards
starts from R9.99

To have a WI-FI you actually needs a simcard, ADSL or FIBRE for connection, It does not work alone.

1GB cost R69.99 with national coverage
for our unique Data Simcards

The ADSL/FIBRE require cabling systems and the installations can be too costly in some areas.

We are a reliable and quality Internet Service Provider nation wide...Call Us

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