photo & videography
With our latest quality cameras we guarantee best photos...
From 720 to Ultra 8K technoligies, all our visuals are now in FULL HD
We have our own print finishing equipment.


• Movies

• Music videos

• Weddings

• Traditional events ( Umemulo, Umkhehlo, Umembeso )

• Birthdays and baby showers

• Matric dance / Farewell

• Corporate projects

• Promotional projects

• Company stock images

• Planned individual or family studio photography

• Funerals

benefits for working with us...

As one of South Africa's leading media enterprise we use quality equiment to capture any special moment! From DSLR, Video cameras to portable studios we got you covered in FULL HD, Whether you need agency photography, corporate, family or personal visuals we are your one stop provider!
WHY US ???

• FULL HD visuals
• We use industry top of the range photo and videography equipment
• We are able toreach your destination nation wide
• We do wide variety of format options
• We offer a wide variety of views from standards to drone ( Aerial views )
• We capture, design or edits and produce final quality outputs
• All our outputs are plug and play, no more hustle.

1080i to 4K technologies we offer all of it...not to mention when you're using HDMI cable system the feeling of visuals make a living worth it!

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